Planned Giving

The Nest – Center for Women, Children, and Families has received support from many thoughtful individuals who, through financial and estate planning, have helped ensure the Nest’s ability to fund our future. Your generosity will have a transformative impact on our work—today and far into the future.

With a planned gift you can:

Enjoy charitable income and/or gift or estate tax deductions
Make a more significant gift to the Nest than you could in your lifetime
Leave a legacy

The Nest welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your financial advisor on your planned gift. There are a variety of financial vehicles available to help you reach your financial and philanthropic goals:

Life Insurance Policies
Retirement Plan Assets
Life Income Plans

Before making a gift to the Nest, you should consult with your financial, tax, and legal advisors for an analysis of your individual situation to decide which of these ways of giving might work best for you. For more information on Planned Giving, please call Jeffrey A White, Executive Director: 859-259-1974 Ext. 223.

Non Cash Giving

Do you have a gift of personal property you would like to donate? The Nest can work with you to accept your non-cash assets. Non-cash assets provide a powerful way for you to increase the impact of your charitable giving and maximize tax benefits at the same time.

Real Estate

The Nest reserves the right, however, to determine the suitability of the asset before we accept it. If you would like to start a conversation about donating items to help support The Nest, please call Jeffrey A White, Executive Director: 859-259-1974 Ext. 223.