The Parent Education and Support Program assists parents who are currently exhibiting or wish to prevent abusive tendencies by educating them on effective parenting skills.  We offer parenting skills assessments, parenting classes, and parenting self-help groups to women and men FREE of charge.  Self-help groups are provided in a setting in which women can share experiences and receive emotional support from others with similar concerns.  Group interaction enhances parental functioning, improves communication skills, and breaks social isolation.  Parenting classes are structured, curriculum-based courses focusing on effective parenting and non-violent methods of discipline.
While many parents have been referred to our programs by the Department of Community Based Services, the court system, or other community agencies, no referral is required to participate in our program.

You can attend parenting classes if:

    • You are a parent or guardian of a child.
    • You are interested in learning about how to be a better parent.
    • You are willing to attend 12 consecutive class sessions and makeup absences with individual sessions.
    • You are willing to take an initial parenting survey and a post-test.
    • You agree to avoid violent or verbally abusive behaviors inside and outside the classroom.
    • You agree to keep class conversations confidential.

Parenting classes cover topics such as:

      • Nurturing
      • Children’s Brain Development
      • Developing Empathy
      • Understanding our Feelings
      • Building Self-Worth
      • Family Morals, Values, and Rules
      • Understanding Discipline
      • Developing Children’s Sexual Self-worth
      • Handling Stress
      • Handling Anger
      • Trusting Relationships

The Nest Parent Education and Support Program Objectives are to:

  • Conduct two concurrent parenting classes for Mothers using the professional, evidence-based curriculum, Nurturing Parenting, developed by Dr. Stephen J. Bavolek, Ph.D.
  • Facilitate 3 – 5 cycles of Intensive Infant Parenting classes for families who have had their infant(s) removed or are at-risk for removal.
  • Conduct 2 – 4 classes for teen Mothers according to Dr. Bavolek’s curriculum.
  • Partner with the Fatherhood Initiative through the Lexington Leadership Foundation to provide 12 weekly classes for Fathers of 24/7 Dads.

Please contact Brooke Martinez to make an appointment at (859) 259-1974 Ext. 225

Staff: David Waters, MSW, LCSW, CADC Parenting Education and Support Counselor
(859) 259-1974

If The Nest parenting classes do not fit into your schedule, explore these other parenting resources in Lexington:

          • SKY Families offers parenting classes in Lexington.  For information, contact Marion Gibson, (502) 257-5582.

This project is funded, in part, under a contract with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services through Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky using state funds allocated by the Kentucky General Assembly.